1995-1996 NBA RAPM

From my video library of past games, I have been slowly reconstructing NBA Stint Data for several seasons prior to the 1996 Season’s start of the Play-By-Play era of statistics tracking of NBA games. This is a lengthy effort in trying to give some insight to interactions between players, at least from a stint level. When the project is more complete, data will become more readily available. Until then, here is a snapshot from the 1995-96 NBA season. Currently I have logged 238 of a possible 1189 games, which is a mere 20.02% completion.

In this post, we show the individual “plus-minus” in form of number of offensive possessions playedpoints scored by the offensenumber of defensive possessions playedpoints scored by opponents, Offensive RAPMDefensive RAPM, and Overall RAPM.

I will update periodically. Sampled records are found at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

SAMPLED: Sampled Win-Loss Record of Observed Games
MLE: Maximum Likelihood Estimate of Team Record from Sampled Games
BAYES: Bayes Estimate of Team Record from Sampled Games
TRUTH: Actual Final Record for the 1995-96 NBA Season.

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